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  1. Hi!

    I’ve been completely enamoured with this game. The gameplay is unique among the boardgames available today, and solving the cases together with my friends is a great experience. As we approach the final case, however, this feeling becomes somewhat bittersweet.

    I would love to get my hands on more cases. I understand that you have published expansions in French. Is there any possibility of translating these into English? I know I would be first in line to buy them if that was the case!

    Best regards,

  2. Hello!

    How is the (if everything goes fine) reprint of the expansions coming along? Is there a forum or blog that updates with this information that I can visit to keep me updated?


  3. Hi,

    Can you please inform us when is the expansion of Sherlock in English coming out?

    We are very enthusiastic about the game 🙂 ,


  4. I have mislocated my directory. I’m on case 4 and am stuck. Is there a way you can email it to me? Or is there a place I can download it from? Thanks!

  5. Hi, all reviews I’ve read indicate that the English version of this game contains a number of typos. Are there any plans to correct these mistakes in a future print run? Thanks.

  6. Any update on the plans for translating the expansion cases in to English? Still coming this year, any clue what month? Thanks, Steve

  7. Hello,

    I have realy enjoyed this game. Thanks for making it possible. In spanish we are lucky, Edge has been releasing some of the expansions like carlton house and queen’s park. This will be another one? If it is, will be released in spanish?

  8. Hi,
    Could you please tell me if the version of Sherlock Holmes consulting dective has the issues with case 3 ?. I believe it says 2012 on the box. I bought it new the other day from Amazon.
    I am just about to start case 3 and wish to know if I will encounter difficulties with solving the case.

    Many thanks,
    Dave Sheppard.

  9. Hi
    We’ve just spent a fantastic afternoon playing Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective and wondered if you had any news on the English of the expansion packs


  10. Hi there,

    Are there plans to reprint the « adventures by gaslight » expansion at any time in the future?

    Many thanks

  11. Hi,

    Apologies if someone has asked and I missed it in the thread, but is there a release date for the Carlton House box in the UK? Eager to play!



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