A boxful of expansions

For the next Essen fair, in October 2009, we will sell an expansion box for 5 games of the ystari line: Amyitis, Caylus Magna Carta, Metropolys, Sylla and Yspahan. This box will cost less than 20 € and should replete many fans who want some kind of renewal. If you don’t go to Essen, don’t worry because the box will hit the shelves later. There will be 3 kinds of expansions, one big (for Caylus Magna Carta), 2 medium and 2 small for Metropolys and Yspahan (respectively a few objectives and a few cards).

Caveant Consules: Sylla will feature 2 new characters, 2 new events and one new great work: the forum, which provides a res publica token of each color to the player with the most votes and a token choice for the second player. When you give the votes to the Plebeians, you get 2 points for each set of 3 votes.

The gladiator provides one point in phase IV; its peculiarity is that it counts as a leisure token (green) in case of crisis. As for the philosopher, it combines with another character in order to double its power (2 coins for a merchant, 2 votes for a senator, etc.).

The earthquake is countered by the vestal virgins and its effect is to turn them over. The defeat is countered by the legionaries and its consequence is logically to turn them over.

Royal favor: Caylus Magna Carta will now support up to 5 players and will add a few new buildings (including prestige buildings) which can grant some royal favors. A small board will allow you those favors and gain some resources, victory points or permanent powers. For instance, you may sacrifice a worker for a whole round in exchange for a denier or a resource.

Nebuchadnezzar’s palace: Amyitis will be embellished with a palace and a new craft to get in: the courtier. Depending on your investment in the palace, you may become the first player, do the procession, recruit any character, or get a courtier.



The RIO GRANDE GAMES expansion also includes an expansion for Mykerinos : The Nile !

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