Biography: Dolorosa Guell

Native from the human colony of El Kukarasha. She is a fan of the more refined
races, even if she does not snub direct confrontations. She has won the humble but prestigious Criterium Race of Aliveykena seventeen times in a row, and this is a record

Mastress of the Cybernitian Pilots Union, Dolorosa Guell is direct, forceful and stubborn. She imposed herself in her role as a pilot thanks to her proficiency and tenacity. Like all Cybernitians, she is equipped with cybernetic modifications: visual headset for trajectory calculation (designed by Georgi LeFevre), omnidirectional scanner for assisted flying; dermal sensitive mesh for remote control of onboard instruments; hormonal regulation pump.

Through her neural interface, she controls a Koroyev A440 with cockpit interior fitting.

“This race can be used to raise awareness for the causes our union fights for. The suppression of the pilots rights must end. Independent entrepreneurs must grant us fair pay that reflects the risks we take.” Mastress Dolorosa Guell.

Texte : IDIC

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