Biography: M’Handa M’hand

He originates from the Lost World. M’Hand holds the speed record of the Champions Event: 1216 K’meyt/Hr. He won a stage of the 89th Rings Regatta (5th overall). He was also first or runner-up in a dozen lesser circuits. He is a “mystical pilot”, preferring the racing to the winning, although he does enjoy the cash prize…

For the Bullabullacub of the Lost World, racing is a religion. And M’Hand is one of the high priests: a M’Handa. His name is actually derived from his position as a priest, further confirmation of his religious commitment. For M’Hand, racing is the only way of communion with his god, a truly sacred act. Consequently, his opponents are sacrilegious creatures placed on his path to test his faith.

He is at one with his god at the controls of a Bleykt-Dacosta M512 which, naturally, is blessed before each race.

“The Great Guik’Lalakalan will know how to guide my trajectory. And if he so wished to ignore me, I always have my super-injected lateral turbines…” M’Handa M’Hand.

Text: IDIC

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