Caylus: The 7 awards

Caylus is the most awarded of the Ystari games. It has been the recipient of 7 prestigious awards:

– 2005 Essen game fair, Germany: first place in the Fairplay magazine ranking.

– 2005 « Tric Trac d’or », France: the French community award.

– 2005 International game Award, USA.

– 2006 Special prize, Germany: « best complex game » by the Spiel des Jahres jury.

– 2006 Deutscher Spiele Preis, Germany.

– 2006 Nederlandse Spellenprijse, Netherlands.

– 2006 Golden Geek Awards for Best Game and Best Gamer’s Game.

Congratulations to William Attia…

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  1. Greetings from Vienna,

    I just got a copy of « Caylus » and I’m really excited about this wonderful game now. But I got an early copy and there is no « Jeweller »-tile in it. I read in a forum, that this was a promo and included in later versions.
    Do you see a chance, that I can complete my game with a copy of this tile?
    Would be really great!
    Best regards

    1. Hi,
      We have no more stock of this jeweller tile since 2011. I’m sorry.
      Thanks for your message. Hope you will enjoy Caylus.

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