Mykerinos: The Nile

This expansion contains 6 tiles (with Nile spaces on one side and a new patron on the other side) and 4 tokens: the archaeologists will sail on the Nile and meet a new character, governor Greenwish…

At the beginning of a round, 2 tiles (3 in the last round) are placed between 2 areas. The players will continue to excavate or cross the Nile. The player with the most cubes on the river will receive one of the governor Greenwish tiles (which bring some bonus points, but Greenwish has no influence at the Museum). The second player will receive a token.

Greenwish can reserve some unoccupied spaces or rooms and is a wild card for the 5 points bonus at the end of the game…

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  1. Hello,
    i´d like to buy the Extension « The Nile » but can´t find it anywhere.
    Could you help – or better could you send me a copy?
    Peter Praesent
    63589 Linsengericht
    Breslauer Straße 44

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