Witness is available!

Good news, the copies of WITNESS are available in France, Belgium, UK and Germany! The game is hitting the shelves in US in the beginning of 2015…

Go to the game page and don’t hesitate to read the rules.

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  1. Hi,

    You say that Witness is available in the UK, but I have looked in every major UK board game shop website and no-one is selling it. When will it be available?



  2. Hi,

    I can only find this available on US sites at a marked up price. Will this game be available in the UK for it’s standard retail price again?

  3. Why won’t there be any more reprints? Are there any legal reasons? I’ve been looking for this game ever since I saw the Shut Up & Sit Down review. And I know several other people as well who’s interested. Please reconsider reprinting this.

  4. How many pre-orders of Witness would you need to justify an English reprint? There’s a demand for it. It’s sold out everywhere, and used copies are being bought for over US$80. Give me the amount of pre-orders you would need, and I’ll get the required numbers for you.

  5. Gyaa I need this game; surely a quick Kickstarter game will offer enough interest to get a reprint. Sit-Down and Shut-Up have made it sound like a very exciting game to play.

    1. OK, I managed to find a copy in Canada, which I needed to send to a friend who will send it to me. Lol this game better be worth it!

  6. Hi, would you consider releasing your files for people to print and play if you’re not planning on reprinting? A lot of people would really like to be able to play this great game.

  7. This game is getting a lot of interest recently. I discovered it on SU&SD and am hunting everywhere for a copy. Kickstarter campaign is a great idea.

  8. Yep, it’s featured on a bunch of really popular review channels/websites and second hand copies are crazy expensive right now (like 3/4x RRP). It would be really great to see a Kickstarter for a reprint.

  9. Just thought I’d come here to add my voice too – saw the Shut Up and Sit Down review (too late, it seems!) and disappointed to find that the game is just not available anywhere 🙁 Please consider making it print and play!

  10. Exactly the type of game my group would love to see hit the table. It’s a damn shame the earlier pressings didn’t sell well. I’d love to see either a print and play or a reprinting.

  11. Adding my voice to the huge demand for a reprint of this game. Shut Up & Sit Down have brought Witness to the attention of thousands – please try a Kickstarter for a no-risk check to see if it’s now economically viable for you.

  12. Want to add my voice the the list of people saying, « yes please! » This game will definitely sell copies again. Why not run a KS campaign if you want to test the demand?
    Definitely will sell.

  13. I would love to get my hands on a copy of this game but it seems the demand on ebay is so high now that prices have gone up to over $100. It would be great if you released it as a print and play or did a Kickstarter. here’s hopping you’ll change your mind.

  14. I would love to play this with my family – it’d be a hit for sure! I’m on board for a reprint in any fashion – you guys do such great stuff! Thanks, hope to hear more on this!

  15. Yes, please either reprint or make the digital files available! 🙂

    I own several of your games and love them all – a rare company with a 100% track record with my growing game group.

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