a game by Wiliam Attia – illustrations by Arnaud Demaegd

2-5 players – 12 years old and more – 90-150 mn



In this game, the players act as building supervisors whose mission is to build a new castle for King Philip the Fair. To accomplish this, they’ll have to manage well their money, the available resources and above all else develop the economy of the little village which extends to the foot of the building site. Of course, the royal agents – the bailiff and the provost – keep a watchful eye on the progress of the work !



Caylus is back!

Caylus - ,













The new version of Caylus is now available. The rules remain identical, but the graphics of the box, the board and the tiles have been remastered.

For example you can see the infamous bridge (old version above and new version below)













Or the beginning of the road…













Have fun with this new version !

Caylus for i…

Caylus - ,

Big Daddy’s Creations launched a website for Caylus for iPhone/iPad:

The game is coming to the App Store in January!

The 7 awards

Caylus -

Caylus is the most awarded of the Ystari games. It has been the recipient of 7 prestigious awards:caylus

- 2005 Essen game fair, Germany: first place in the Fairplay magazine ranking.

- 2005 “Tric Trac d’or”, France: the French community award.

- 2005 International game Award, USA.

- 2006 Special prize, Germany: “best complex game” by the Spiel des Jahres jury.

- 2006 Deutscher Spiele Preis, Germany.

- 2006 Nederlandse Spellenprijse, Netherlands.

- 2006 Golden Geek Awards for Best Game and Best Gamer’s Game.

Congratulations to William Attia…