Your Myrmes tiles

For the owners of the first version of Myrmes who have the misprinted tiles, we will distribute some replacements for free in Essen (24th-27th of October 2013). That punchboard also contains the mini-expansion from the Ystari Mag #2, so feel free to help yourself even if you own the second version of the game, there will be something for everyone.

For European people who won’t be in Essen, that punchboard will be available in our online store at the beginning of November. You will only have to pay the shipping.

For those outside of Europe, the punchboard will be sold on BGG at a minimal price (donation for the site).

Our booth in Essen is H3 B-108 and, as a reminder, lovely tables of Spyrium and Prosperity are waiting for you.

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