Ys or Ys?

Ys is now reprinted and available. So we are sure you are wondering if this new edition contains some modifications…

The answer is yes even if the rules of the game are the same.

The boxes first, look at the 2 covers by Arnaud Demaegd…

Then, the gemstones are not small wooden cubes but are made of plastic and very nice. This is more realistic and more pleasant.

What is more the values on the cylinders which symbolize the brokers are engraved. Say farewell to hours of sticking tiny stickers!

Here are the main differences, but you will notice some details: the player AID on the individual screens, the board which is a little more monochromatic, the brokers colors chosen for color-blind players, the fact the edition is  bilingual…

Get ready for a better playing experience!

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