Come and play in Essen

Like every year, the biggest European game fair will take place in Essen (Germany). From 24th to 27th of October, we will be there to make you discover our novelties:

Spyrium, designed by William Attia, is a game with an industrial revolution background. You must place your workers around the cards in the market to recruit people, buy patents and build buildings. Pile up precious spyrium gems to convert them into prestige points and win the game.

Prosperity, designed by Knizia and Bleasdale, is about developing your country in the long term. From 1970 to 2030, manage your nation in different aspects: energy, ecology, finance, research and prosperity. You must keep a close watch on these aspects, but you also can decontaminate, take money, further your research and buy tiles to place them on your individual board. Simple rules for a very dynamic game with tactical choices. See you soon!

Essen fair website

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